Greater McGehee Estates Neighborhood Association

Officers and Area Representatives

President: Donnie Robinson 546-5127
Past President: John Bricken 265-8818
1st Vice President: Beth Johnson 356-1817
2nd Vice President Ralph Foster 590-6549
Secretary: Sara Beck 549-5979
Treasurer Missy Mathis 313-2421
Social Committee Stacia Bailey
Tina Brown
School Liason Deena Weston 356-5581
Advisor Larry Grewelle 834-4848
Yard of the Season Coordinator Daisy Bear
Tina Brown
Email Coordinator Mark Free 356-7025
Historian (as Board Member) Donna Farrior 263-0610

Allendale: Dee Moody, 262-8023
Streets: Allendale Place Campbell Road Green Park Drive Woodley Rd
Allendale Road Fernway Drive Wildwood Drive

Wildwood: Jeanne Drummond, 834-2482
Streets: Allendale Place Fernway Drive McGehee Road Woodley Rd
Cherokee Drive Hawthorn Drive Wildwood Drive

Myrtlewood/Rosemont Estates: Bill Babington, 262-2085
Streets: Myrtlewood Drive Rosemont Court Rosemont Drive

Rosemont Place: Anne Upchurch, 262-3692
Streets: Rosemont Circle Rosemont Place Rosemont Terrace

Country Club: Ralph Foster, 590-6549
Streets: Carter Hill Rd Country Club Drive

Meadowlane: Mallory Williams, 322-8664
Streets: Carter Hill Rd Meadow Lane Drive

McGehee Estates: Florence Tyson, 265-0731 and Jeff and Susan Samuel, 834-2866
Streets: Belcher Drive Fernway Drive Lansdowne Drive Price Street
Boxwood Drive Hermitage Drive McCurdy Street Stratford Lane
Carter Hill Road Hill Hedge Drive McGehee Road Warranton Road
Crawford Street Jasmine Road Pinehurst Drive Wildwood Drive

Westminster: Sidney Murray, 265-3382
Streets: Canterbury Court Hathaway Place Jamestown Lane Pinehurst Drive
Canterbury Drive Highfield Drive Knightsbridge Curve Rolling Road
Carter Hill Road Jamestown Court Lansdowne Drive Rolling Road Circle
Fernway Drive Jamestown Drive Old Farm Road Warrenton Road