Greater McGehee Estates Neighborhood Association


The Greater McGehee Estates consists of a large area of land which is bound by McGehee & Woodley Road on the south, Narrow Lane Road on the west, Carter Hill Road on the north and Carter Hill on the east. This large area was originally owned by several different Montgomery families and over the years were platted and sold off as lots.

The name McGehee Estates came from the McGehee brothers, James Hardie McGehee and William Boyd McGehee. They came to Montgomery in the early 1900’s from Hope Hull, Alabama where they were plantation owners. Both brothers graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Pharmacy and moved to Montgomery to open their own business. They formed the McGehee Brothers Pharmacy which was located on Dexter Avenue near Chris Hot Dogs.

During this time the McGehee brothers bought a large piece of land that ran from Woodley Road to the Southern By Pass to Fisk Road and back to McGehee Road. James and Boyd each built a family home on this land, right next door to each other. The homes, which are located on the corner of Woodley Road and Wildwood Drive, are still standing today and currently occupied.

In the early 1930’s everyone was feeling the effects of the Great Depression and like a lot of people James and Boyd McGehee were land poor. It was during this time that they sold off a large piece of their land to a developer named W.R. “Red” Bowman and in 1931 the McGehee family decided to develop the land that they had left. It was this piece of land that James and Boyd developed that became known as The McGehee Estates. Wildwood, Hawthorn and Cherokee Drives are the names of the streets that the McGehee brothers developed and they are among some of the oldest streets in the neighborhood. It is believed that Hawthorn Drive was named for Corky Hawthorn’s family who were close friends of the McGehee brother’s family in Hope Hull.

McGehee Road was named for the McGehee brothers after they donated some of their land to Montgomery County. The City of Montgomery wanted to extend Woodley Road to the Troy Highway and approached William and Boyd about donating some of their land for this project, which they did.

Another area in our association is known as the Allendale Road area. This is the oldest section in our association and is bordered on the south by Woodley Road. Woodley Road is named for Garrett Woodley who came to Montgomery in the early 1800’s from Georgia. He was a surveyor who laid out Woodley Road which runs from Pine Level to Montgomery. Mr. Woodley had two daughters named Emily & Eliza who married into the Allen and Campbell families, respectively.

Located on Woodley Road is the oldest house in our neighborhood. It is located at 3141 Woodley Road and was built by slaves in 1854 for Joesa Morriss. In 1876 Mr. Morriss sold the house and surrounding land to the Allen family who ran a cotton plantation on it and named it Allendale. It is from the Allen family that Allendale Road and Allendale Place were named and in 1916 the heirs from this family platted this land and sold it off in lots.

Later on the Allen house was sold to Mr. Colin Campbell for which Campbell Road is named for. The lots on Campbell Road were platted in 1915 and sold as 3 acre lots.

The history of the remaining property in our association is still being researched and will be added in the near future.